Snap Clips are the perfect little accessory! They are super versatile and can be used to hold back little wispy hairs that fall out of the ponytails, just clipped in the front to hold back bangs, or added to the front or back of any bun to add a little extra sweetness. 


  • Mini : $3.50 each 
  • Regular: $4 each 
  • Large: $5 each 

Clip Length:

  • Mini: 1.5 inches
  • Regular: 2 inches
  • Large: 2.5 inches


There is a special create your own snap set where you can create your own 1 or 3 clips from any snap clips on the site.  To do this, click HERE. This option is great to still get your discount for multiple clips that aren't in the same set. 


All materials are either soft faux leather or non-shed glitter. 


**Due to the nature of our handmade snap clips, the pattern on the fabric of each clip may look slightly different.

**Our snap clips may contain small parts that could potentially be dangerous to small children. Please supervise your child while wearing our clips.

Pale Rose Gold | Snap Clips

  • All clips can be used in water and need to be air dried afterwards in the open position to prevent any damage or water sitting inside the clip. Any dirt can be wiped clean with a cloth and air dried.