Hello! I'm Mariah, owner and maker here at Sweet Ellie Mae. I have an amazing husband and three adorable kiddos, Ellie Mae, Evan and Ezekiel. 

I have a passion for sports, food and creating. I am a perfectionist and it helps but also means I spend twice as long on certain things than most. But for you, that just means your accessories get lots of extra love! I am #7 in a family of 12 kids and I loved growing up with 8 sisters, I always had a best friend! We recently moved back to Tennessee where I was born and raised.

 We all have our 'why' for starting a small shop and my why all started when Ellie was born. We thought everything was normal. She was a very healthy 10 lb baby. Yes that's right, 10 lbs! Later that day after hours of trying to nurse and many tears, we realized that she had a cleft palate. The roof of her mouth hadn't formed completely creating a hole where no suction could be created and fluids could freely come out of her nose. We had an amazing surgeon who performed the surgery to repair it at just 6 months old. From the minute she was born, it was a struggle. She wasn't able to suck, which broke my heart and we had to use a special bottle.  We co-slept for fear of her not breathing at night which meant no one really slept. After her first surgery, she had developed sleep apnea from the lack of space after the closure. There were many sleepless nights just listening to her breathe, just to make sure she was. I needed something to do while I was up all night. I needed something for me, to keep me sane, after caring for her 24/7. That's when I began to make her bows. It all started as a way to keep my mind busy so I wasn't constantly thinking of what could go wrong.  Now, it has become so much more than that. It has become a sense of accomplishment for me and also a way that I am able to help out our family financially while still being able to be home with my kids. 

Ellie loves helping me out with bows. She often picks out matching sets and helps with the packaging. I hope to one day have her working along side me making bows for you!

My main goal when I began was to always have the highest quality and I make sure I pay attention to every detail. I also wanted to keep a large variety of bows so everyone could find something they loved!

Bows to me were more than just an accessory, they were a necessity. Ellie looked so much like her dad, she was often mistaken for a boy and she was bald for forever! Bows helped to cover her cute little bald head. Now that she has longer hair, they have become a huge time saver for me. Ellie is not a fan of having her hair fixed, so we throw a clip or a bow in her hair and done!

Thank you for being here and I hope you know how much each sale means to our family! We are so thankful for you and hope you find something you'll love!